New Tosca Handbag, Purse Bucket Style Shoulder Bag Leather Look, 641 Color Tan

$ 70.66 $ 37.95


New Tosca Handbag, Purse Bucket Style Shoulder Bag Leather Look, 641 Color Tan

$ 70.66 $ 37.95

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Color: Tan

Size: 11.5in x 11.0in x 4.5in

Metric Size: 29.2cm x 28cm x 11.4cm

Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag


The Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag is an attractive and versatile fashion accessory for women of all ages which will spoil you with convenience and style.


When selecting the perfect fashion accessory, such as a handbag, women are looking for something that is just as stylish as it is functional. Despite the wide selection, many times finding the perfect handbag is quite a stressful task. Avoid this stress by turning to the Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag which provides a solution to your fashion handbag worries and concerns in a trendsetting manner.


Offering stand-out style and flawless function, the Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag is a must have fashion accessory for women of all ages. The look begins with eye-catching leather looking material that drapes this handbag perfectly. The leather looking material is slightly textured which gives it a superb and captivating image that is the epitome of high fashion. The premium PVC material is also soothing to the touch as you sport it around your shoulder or rest it upon your lap. The high quality textile of this outstanding handbag makes it easy to coordinate this piece with all of your favorite outfits and footwear.


Featuring one single carrying handle that drops eleven inches, it is easy to carry around this Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag however you wish, without having to worry about bulky uncomfortable straps that will distract from the look that you are trying to maintain.


For the perfect finishing touch, the Tosca Classic Medium Shoulder Handbag incorporates silver toned hardware along the strap. This alluring hue contrasts very well with the leather looking material of the bag. In addition to providing upscale style, the silver toned hardware is also a durable aspect of this luxurious handbag. Unlike other bags that are secured with weak strands of fabric or imitation leather, this handbag is made sturdy with enduring hardware that is going to outlast years of wear and tear.


You can feel comfortable knowing your belongings are safe and secure in this handbag with the magnetic snap closure that is simple and effortless. Upon opening this handbag, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the space you could ever need. The roomy inside is fully lined in a perfected layer of fabric that is safe for all of your precious items.

The spacious interior also gives your special compartments to keep all of your items organized. The back zip wall is perfect for items that you want to keep safe and secure yet easily accessible at the same time. In addition, there is also a cell phone pouch that swaddles and protects your phone in luxury to prevent it from becoming scratched and damaged by rolling around unprotected in your handbag. The included sunglasses slip pouch is added for even more easily accessible storage.


Stylish, durable and functional are all three qualities of this chic handbag. The luxurious leather looking material is textured to absolute perfection and topped with stunning silver hardware which instantly amps up your fashion quota as soon as your throw it over your shoulder for the ideal finishing touch on your outfit. The fully lined interior provides you with all of the space your need to tote around your necessities in style. The additional interior compartments are an additional bonus to this trendsetting handbag that is a fashion staple for any season wardrobe.